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Our Policies


We offer a car buying experience like no other - No credit financing. No credit checks York Pa. with over twenty years of experience in the buisness. A sales, service, and payment team that is second to none. Come see why everyone loves DriveRight!
All vehicles come inspected and emission tested pre sale. Take them to your mechanic if desired pre sale. We dont just buy cars and sit them on the lot for sale. We go through a comprehensive checklist and inspection pre sale!

NO Hassles, NO Credit Checks
- We Don't Look at your Past, Only your Future!

Warranty on All Cars:
  • All vehicles come standard with a warranty on the engine, transmission, and 4x4 (if equipped), the entire time you are paying on the vehicle.
  • All of this is included in your weekly, bi- weekly, or monthly payment!
It's As Simple As This:
  1. Down payment, tax JUST on down payment, document fees, and first payment out the door, pay your tax as you go!
  2. Drivers License & Full Coverage Insurance in the buyer's name.
  3. Four personal references.
  4. Paystub or letter of proof of payment.
  5. Utility bill in your name to the address listed on your license. 

Please be advised: Your payment must be in before the close of the PAYMENT business day to avoid automatic disabling of your vehicle.